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People are the focus of our business

At MOINSA, people always come first.

For more than fifty years, we have been striving to improve our production capacity on a daily basis, to deliver projects on time and on budget, and to focus on innovation and continuous improvement.

Our firm belief in the power of people and their talent translates into the implementation of specific initiatives for the people who make up MOINSA. We are united by our commitment, enthusiasm and passion for our work and the people who are part of our family.

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José Manuel

I chose Moinsa because of its good corporate culture that promotes a good working environment and is providing me with opportunities and enriching experiences.


The diversity of challenges, the possibilities for improvement and the human group that forms part of Moinsa make it an ideal project for professional and personal development.


The most remarkable thing about Moinsa is that it offers constant opportunities and challenges, which allow me to develop new solutions and keep learning on a daily basis.


At Moinsa, I would highlight the good working atmosphere. In my area, teamwork, trust and continuous training are essential to create.


In my job, managing teams, the human factor is vital and at Moinsa, when faced with complicated situations, we always try to find the best solution as a team.


The best part of my day-to-day work is sharing it with professionals from different areas and with a committed creative team that generates a very good atmosphere, collaborates and contributes its knowledge.

Do you want to join MOINSA?

The main objective of our selection process is to identify new professionals who bring the best of themselves to the company and, in turn, to assess whether they identify with Moinsa’s project and values.

Our selection processes can be different depending on the type of profile to be selected or the activity where the vacancy arises. These are the usual phases of our selection process:

Or leave us your details in case there is no offer that matches your profile. After that, Human Resources will review your profile.

After reviewing your profile, Human Resources will contact you via email or telephone to go into more detail about your profile.

After the previous step, we will be happy to meet you in a face-to-face interview or through Teams to introduce ourselves to each other, get to know your profile and motivations, and explain the project to you on behalf of MOINSA. In case you continue to advance, there will also be a personal and face-to-face interview with the person in charge in order to address technical and strategic aspects of the position.

We may ask you for past contacts who can tell us about your work in previous careers – we will never ask you for contacts from your current company! At Moinsa, we value and guarantee confidentiality at all times.

If you are selected, we will draw up a proposal of conditions adapted to you and your profile, which we will discuss together in a meeting.

Once the proposal has been accepted, and the date of incorporation has been set, your adventure at MOINSA begins!

Moinsa is defined by the people who form part of each project and who, with their talent, their desire and their commitment, drive the business towards success.

We are a diverse and equal opportunity company.

Find out more about us.

experiencia, innovación y compromiso

Our  values


Our employees are our most important capital. We encourage a good working environment, respect and teamwork. We are committed to the future of our professionals, providing them with training plans so they can develop their leadership, passion and entrepreneurial skills with a focus on continuous improvement.

Valores Moinsa

Through our restless, curious and creative mindset, we explore how to do things differently to achieve surprising results. We research and innovate trends, systems, products, materials and technologies to offer value-added proposals and solutions to the market.

Valores Moinsa

We assume the responsibility of satisfying our clients' needs while respecting the environment. We promote and develop initiatives and projects with our collaborators, suppliers and clients to achieve this objective.

Valores Moinsa

We are committed to approaching every project with the same high standards. We offer our clients all the design, production and installation skills we have acquired over many years of activity in executing countless 360º projects.

Valores Moinsa

We are committed to teaming up with our clients, turning their needs into our particular challenge. We offer a comprehensive business vision, communicating all the company's capabilities and services. We propose solutions, even if they are not among our usual range of services.

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We develop and implement turnkey interior design, technology and interior logistics solutions.

Logo Moinsa

We develop and implement turnkey solutions for interior design, interior technology and logistics.



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Desarrollamos y aplicamos soluciones llave en mano de interiorismo, tecnología y logística de interiores.