Solución Cadena de Suministro - Loewe
Solución Cadena de Suministro - Loewe
Solución Cadena de Suministro - Loewe
Solución Cadena de Suministro - Loewe


We designed and implemented an automated hanging garment classification installation at their distribution centre in Madrid. 

To ensure full traceability of the garments and minimise errors, the installation was completed with radio frequency technology (RFID). 

The logistics centre is one of the company’s major investments in optimising its operations. To achieve this objective, 4 processes were identified:

  • Unloading zone. Initial point where an automatic telescopic conveyor unloads garments from the lorry onto trolleys.
  • Receiving area. A space for the temporary storage of incoming goods consisting of static rails where the trolleys are held. Once there, the garments are identified using RFID technology and the management system assigns them a location within the warehouse. Garments arriving at the centre in folded format follow the same process once they have been placed on their trolleys.
  • Storage and order picking areas. The garments are transported to the storage area by means of a motorised line with diversions managed by WMS and RFID identification. This is a versatile system that facilitates goods transport and distribution. Likewise, this storage area is designed for working at two heights.
  • Batch buffer zone, classification and dispatch. The dispatch is carried out by means of the automatic classification of the garments into different RFID-controlled outlets.
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