Lantegi Batuak

We implemented ARCANTE warehouse management software developed by Moinsa. Thanks to our WMS, Lantegi Batuak offers a more flexible service adapted to the needs of its customers, with greater agility in the preparation of orders and without any mistakes.

The use of the WMS has ensured total control of the goods of its owner customers with a file management system that is fully adapted to their business, cost optimisation and total control of the traceability of their products.
Owner customers have visibility of their stocks in real time, which allows them to manage the issue of orders more efficiently.

Lantegi Batuak is a company dedicated to generating employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Its 5,000 m2 logistics hub located in Yurreta (Vizcaya) has the capacity to manage up to 60,000 events and is equipped with the latest technologies, enabling them to offer 3PL solutions adapted to each client.

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We develop and implement turnkey interior design, technology and interior logistics solutions.